29 articles written by righteousgeek

Thief. You steal into the supple night
To pick and plunder. Shadows split,
Perhaps you deal in your own light.
Rune or sortilege? That is it!

I dream. Must be, for now the bland,
Prostrated body commands no vigil,
Allows the treacherous, craven hand
To rip a heart out by dark sigil.

Mine! Pitted, jet like eyes of raven
Is now this chest that aches, so dry.
She has the beat with her, my fair maiden.
I let her in to live. Now I die.

Take a bite, ’tis alright. We have boar, we have mutton, and goose.
Make it big with a swig of this velvety gentleman’s wine.
Be remiss (pass the cheese). The world does not care; that’s a ruse.
Please, forget, never fret. Want no more’n let go. On to dine!
Oh, yes. Miss Fortuna’s banquet will treat you just fine.

Always us, through night and day:
Eyes wide open, flaming stars,
Loving true, loving right,
With fingers sweet to soothe our scars.

A solid grip through toil and play;
We walk as one on steady feet.
No burden vast, no torment may
Our compact break. Two hearts, one beat.

One day thou shall return, prisoner sans walls,
To lie awake at night, dripping, hollow’d, spent.
The fly-lord hath raiseth the scepter; he calls
for thee, erstwhile blood of pinings rent.

Thou will not lull or soothe thy weary flesh;
Noone dare stay time’s flow in yer favour.
Father. Master. God wielding yron mesh
will past regret ensnare thy soul with fervour.